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The New Deal zhengzhou market perfect setting prices or are landing
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The New Deal zhengzhou market perfect setting prices or are landing
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Excessive price so is "Indian summer" in March, the housing market for traditional best-selling season.In known as "a gentle drizzle" zhengzhou "new countries five" version of the implementation rules for, the real performance of zhengzhou real estate market?Market trading volume and prices?March housing ChunHeJingMing, spring spring scene can continue this month?Zhengzhou buyers purchasing psychology have change?Version of the "five" new countries in zhengzhou implementation rules at the beginning of fall to the ground, with the sensitive and hot problems, reporters visited a line in the market on behalf of the development of the enterprise and relevant experts and scholars, in order to touch the rhythm and the voice of the real market.

Theory of the New Deal


Behind the "drizzle" also has "torrential rain strong breeze"


From fall to the ground before the anxious restless, nervous, guess, to be born after are calm, easy detachment, to March 31, "the five" version of the implementation rules of zhengzhou in the morning as the cut-off point, just a little more than a month of time, zhengzhou new and second-hand housing market ups and downs like this spring, broken weather, "coming events cast their shadows before them" after the march madness and uneasy, resumed "cloud-covered Lian bright sunny side" of peace and tranquility.


Due to not mentioned "20% of the income tax", "second rate" and "expand" for purchasing such as citizens concerned about the focus of the problem, "the five" version of the implementation rules of zhengzhou is referred to as the "gentle drizzle" many consumers.


"The New Deal mainly emphasis on the original policy and implementation."The reporter understands in the interview, many in the industry is generally believed that the "relative to" the five "issued by the state council, and part of first-tier cities such as Beijing, zhengzhou is much gentle version of the implementation rules, is the more the content of the principle."


"Zhengzhou version of 'the five countries' content can be step-by-step, seeking truth from facts, reiterated the continuity of the regulation and control policy implementation."Has been paid close attention to the henan SAN tin feng, general manager of real estate New Deal implementation Chang Sheng analysis, compared with the north connect etc first-tier cities, at present zhengzhou market or just need to give priority to, not as big as individual investment model of the urban demand, therefore in the policy implementation is not "one size fits all", not as in the past, a line of "sick" city real estate market, zhengzhou followed hard to take medicine.


"Every city real estate market, the reality is not the same housing agency or considered local demand of rigid, did not follow suit first-tier cities, zhengzhou version of 'the five countries' policy more accords with the practice of zhengzhou market as a whole."In feng Chang Sheng view, countries allow around according to control principle of adjust measures to local conditions, formulate conforms to own practical control measures, is to promote the healthy development of the housing market.


Similarly.Henan star union real estate group deputy general manager li tao also said in an interview with reporters, the zhengzhou version of "the five" details from the content point of view, already contacted zhengzhou actual, and to carry out the national regulation and control policy, "explains zhengzhou real estate market in general is healthy".


And development of the enterprise on behalf of a slightly different view, industry experts argue that the New Deal according to the requirements in regulating the prices get higher ".Henan finance and economics politics and law university, director of the center for urban studies, professor LiuShe told reporters: "although many consumer think zhengzhou version of" the five "nothing new, but compared with the 2011" country eight ", zhengzhou version of "the five" implementation rules for zhengzhou this year house price control target, in fact were overweight."


LiuShe explanation, in terms of price control, compared with "country eight" was introduced in 2011, on the one hand, in terms of price control category, this year's version of "the five" zhengzhou rules will be directed against "newly built commercial housing", did not pull the most low prices affordable housing into the statistical scope of average, suggesting that zhengzhou self-compression in house price control;, on the other hand, performance, and in 2011 "country eight" consulted "GDP and disposable income" two factors, while zhengzhou version of "the five" detailed rules for the reference only "disposable income", and the provisions of the city "2013 newly built commercial housing price growth is not higher than the annual per capita urban disposable income growth", by comparison, a region's economy is often higher than the growth of per capita disposable income growth.


"This year from the above two ways, regulation and control policy is relatively severe many, zhengzhou prices pressure also increases a lot this year."LiuShe is analyzed.


Explore the housing market


Zhengzhou new be born April housing stability


Although the final data has not yet come, but zhengzhou in March so basic quantity and price of housing has become a foregone conclusion.For April zhengzhou market, housing a continuation of the hot side is the end of march, one side is zhengzhou version of "the five" conditions conveniently, the housing market will continue this month in March of the thick the awaken of spring?


Reporters found that "the five" version of the implementation rules of zhengzhou since ten days after the landing, zhengzhou housing pinghu heroine, although many projects sales department still bustling spectacle, but relative to many people panic buying in March, most consumers in the market pace calmly with housing demand.


"Is considering to buy second homes, to improve housing, not affected by the policy factors, the key is to the right."Citizens of a sales department in zhengdong new district and previewing the lady tells a reporter, although have been in the house, but she was in no hurry to place the order.Ms fang said, "since the government clearly put forward the annual price control in a certain range, means that prices do not surge of zhengzhou, the key is to find the price, location, family is happy with the house."


"March market volume of hot owes its upcoming new stimulus, though 'the five countries' version of the implementation rules of zhengzhou is not very strict, but also to a certain extent, change the buyers market expectations, while April is traditional golden season of the real estate market, zhengzhou rigid demand is still strong, but the policy landing purchasing psychology will have an impact on the community."Sunshine town Feng Bin analysis think, general manager, on the one hand, march conditions fall to the ground before release of housing demand concentration, overdraw a lot during the first half of the housing demand;Due to policies, on the other hand, buyers and sellers mentality by of andwaiting for quick closing."Therefore, housing sales in April or march in the housing market will be lower than Indian summer".


, according to "the five" local conditions to carry out the first week, much of the real estate market has showed signs of cooling, among them, the second-hand housing market cooling is especially striking.In zhengzhou, daily overcrowded secondhand the room trade hall in March has become relatively cold and cheerless, second-hand housing turnover, new customers a significant amount back.At the same time, the housing market turnover also showed signs of decline.Research center data also show that in April 1 to 7 week, clinch a deal first-tier cities index fell 55.41 points, fell 65.13 points on second-tier cities to clinch a deal.


In fact, although the housing market turnover fell, but is still growing.In April, according to data from the China index academy, in the first week of monitoring in 42 cities, in addition to the seven cities such as guangzhou, changsha, suzhou and other cities all the volume both rose year-on-year.


Reporters found that in zhengzhou, despite new rules has landed, but most of the developers of optimism for the market forecast in April."The city of SAN tin, for example, project type most belong to improve purchase intention client, the New Deal has little impact."Von Chang Sheng told reporters, "after the Spring Festival program visit quantity and volume have been rising steadily, especially in March, flowers Lin Hu beautiful scenery, pleasant scenery, fresh air hole is more and more people know, many people come to here, in house and experience the joy of the ta-qing get."


Many real estate sales line analysis of the personage inside course of study, "zhengzhou in the housing market, just need to buyers as the main force, no matter how changes in policy, this part of the buyers will still be on the satellite market. Therefore, although the New Deal for consumers purchase more or less impact on psychological will, but the market will not be cold. But unless there is a price surge phenomenon, there won't be tougher on short term policy measures, which makes zhengzhou in April in the housing market can keep beautiful, temperature rising state."


In fact, many developers have to succumb to push plate desire impulse and accelerate digestion inventory of marketing.Rough statistics according to the reporter, in April, zhengzhou is expected to have opened more than 30 units, which just need to offer and quality improve sexual development become the mainstream of the market supply.


Ask price


Regulation of normalized prices or better progressly


Regardless of regulation means there are several, for home buyers, the biggest wishes for the New Deal after landing is still only one - the control house prices.


"Zhengzhou version implementation rules according to the requirements in regulating the prices change, but not more severe, also shows that the regulation is to make the real estate market healthy and orderly development, rather than suppressed."Interview, many in the industry analysis, when the regulation measures such as "restricted" has become the market norm, the digestive ability of developers to control the increase, consumers purchase more rational, once the soaring house prices held steady rise or market will become the norm.


"The housing market as a whole is not a bubble, henan, zhengzhou house prices over the next decade will be bullish, but won't rise significantly."About zhengzhou house prices movements, and thus, chairman of Hu Baosen tone must be: "I predict prices do not appear larger fluctuation in henan, is more stable, but is a big trend continues to rise, because the bank interest, all sorts of costs such as Labour, building materials, land prices are rising, so house prices over the next 10 years to see the overall trend of rise is a tendency.


"Zhengzhou real estate market as a whole is healthy, on house prices, besides the extremely individual area, zhengzhou house prices is relatively reasonable. After the regularity of house prices rebounded in the first quarter, second quarter price increases will slow pace."Von Chang Sheng also argue that, in essence, such as the economic recovery, new urbanization propulsion, currency devaluation, under the influence of the factors such as the steady rise in the real estate market has become an indisputable consensus.


"Since may of last year, the harvest of zhengzhou developers are good, pocket is not lack of money, in no hurry to repatriate funds, which they did not reduce the price pressure."LiuShe analysis, said: "in addition, the central plains economic zone, zhengzhou metropolitan area construction of henan's urbanization process accelerated, facing multiple positive are then accelerate the development of real estate market, so the possibility of falling house prices is not large, and with the gradually establishing long-term effective mechanism for regulation of real estate, the future of zhengzhou held steady housing prices has become a big probability event."


Indeed, the promotion of the position of urban strategy has made zhengzhou national real estate brands to compete.Nearly period of time, such as vanke, gold base, agile line move later zhengzhou, known from previous known poly, evergrande in direct competition.Li tao said, a line of enterprise, to, bring in upgrading the quality of the products at the same time, also in virtually promotes the rise in house prices.


"Central control to inhibit investment and speculative demand, promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, and the rigid demand for self living primarily crackdown."Henan province real estate industry association executive vice President and secretary general Zhao Jinjing said, "now, basically in the housing market will continue to march in April zhengzhou rebound, trading volume will continue to remain relatively high, the price may have a slightly higher, but overall would be in a stable state."


Zhao Jinjing, meanwhile, also puts forward some Suggestions for homebuyers: "' the five countries' before and after the New Deal, many buyers are easily because of waiting for the detailed rules for the landing, looking forward to falling house prices, into a wait state, meet the housing, also want to wait for a moment, to miss a lot of time that buy a house. Actually for self living type of buyers, the following policies don't have to."", he argues, is currently in construction of zhengzhou international metropolis, urban construction, under this big background, moderate growth belongs to the normal market fluctuations in house prices."