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Zhengzhou grahame village communist visit anyang HaoLan hotel project
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Zhengzhou grahame village communist visit anyang HaoLan hotel project
* 来源 : Group news center * 作者 : 张峻豪 * 发表时间 : 2013-07-31 * 浏览 : 1

    On July 3, 2013, zhengzhou grahame village communist line, in the HaoLan group communications department manager wei accompanied by the leaders of the school's, and visit the anyang HaoLan hotel project.

    zhengzhou grahame village communist heard the project commissioner to HaoLan hotel project development and project management, construction details, and sand table and one by one to visit the project site. Grahame village communist leadership said: HaoLan hotel project planning and construction of high starting point, large investment, is anyang city key support projects, will become the anyang landmark commercial complex; At the same time, HaoLan group strength, got everyone's consistent approval. After the visit, delegation is anyang economic benefits such as after completion of the project how to carry out and related issues, and the project principal carried on the thorough exchange and the discussion, and put forward valuable opinion.

    HaoLan hotel total project covers an area of 307 mu, building area of 420000 square meters, among them: residential development of about 120000 square meters, the commercial building development of about 220000 square meters, the five-star HaoLan deiss hotel and single-family villas of about 80000 square meters, is a collection of boutique residential, commercial, office, hotel, meeting, high-end food and beverage and other multi-function as one of the city's comprehensive value.