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HaoLan group finance staff YaoShan LiangRiYou successfully concluded
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HaoLan group finance staff YaoShan LiangRiYou successfully concluded
* 来源 : Group news center * 作者 : 张峻豪 * 发表时间 : 2013-08-01 * 浏览 : 1

    On July 6, 2013, in order to enrich employees amateur cultural life, edify sentiment, enhance employee cohesion, as well as relieve pressure strength, strive for the future work savings HaoLan group finance staff carried out a two-day trip to YaoShan activities.


    At 7:30 in the morning from zhengzhou station wagon, after three hours' drive, finally reached the destination - YaoShan. Numerous YaoShan strange peaks, waterfalls, lush forests, hot spring is good, the humanities landscape, set the male, strange, deep and remote, danger and into an organic whole. The tourist visited winter LingTan respectively, white longtan, half xianju, realgar, famous scenic spot, and experienced a stimulus in the valley of YaoShan thrush water rafting.

    In the process of climbing the mountain, some employees to exhaustion, but everyone helping each other, actively help others backpacks, with water, for example, help each other, together, fully embodies the HaoLan group team spirit.

    This trip to YaoShan deepened staff each other between the contact and understanding, added HaoLan harmonious atmosphere of the family. HaoLan group always adhere to the people-oriented management concept, stimulate employee's potential ability, let employees personal ability in HaoLan group fully reflect on the big stage.


In the process of climbing the mountain people helping each other


Everybody ready to start drifting