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HaoLan group successfully held the second "HaoLan cup" speech contest
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HaoLan group successfully held the second "HaoLan cup" speech contest
* 来源 : Group news center * 作者 : 张峻豪 * 发表时间 : 2013-08-02 * 浏览 : 1

    To show HaoLan group employees, enrich employee life, strengthen group cohesion, June 15, 2013, HaoLan group in the red flag canal hotel held the second "HaoLan cup" speech contest.

    Attend the speech contest of the main leadership: HaoLan group chairman Ding Guo Guo Xiaoling, deputy general manager, assistant chairman of Wu Qinna, wei school's communications manager, personnel manager water Ye, etc.

    In the speech contest "in businesses, for home, learn to be grateful" as the theme, lasted nearly two months 'preparation, qualify and heats the layers of the selection, 16 contestants from hundreds of participants in the final.

    At 10:30 in the morning, with a warm "sunshine always after the rain" sign language dance pulled open heavy curtain. In the game, the players through the speech to express the love for the job, desire for growth and cultivation of gratitude to the company. During the game with excellent employee talent show, HaoLan group administration and finance a joint entry program carols of the decade ", through the HaoLan group review of ten years of glorious history, the scene atmosphere to a climax.

    Finally, chairman Ding Guo into speeches: HaoLan can have such achievement is due to gratitude, is every employee's hard work and pay a return, hope everyone in HaoLan with HaoLan stepped forward, together to create a more brilliant future together. Chairman Ding Guo into proposed "dream, gratitude, solidarity, perseverance, faith" slogan, just five words, ten words for the entire HaoLan spirit sublimation and concise.

    The speech contest for HaoLan group not only provides employees can express emotions, show talent stage, and to strengthen the study and communication between the employees and cohesion, more important is through the speech contest for group and emotion communication between staff, makes HaoLan this collective with one more united!


HaoLan group chairman Ding Guo into to speak


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