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HaoLan group cooperate with network of Beijing BiXu demonstrate my group "mission"
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HaoLan group cooperate with network of Beijing BiXu demonstrate my group "mission"
* 来源 : Group news center * 作者 : 杨洁 * 发表时间 : 2013-08-08 * 浏览 : 0

    In order to promote the spread of corporate culture and corporate brand, in recent days, the HaoLan group BiXu network reached cooperation with Beijing, just HaoLan group sponsored by the internal publication "mission" series, to authorize Beijing BiXu network to display.


    The collaboration integration advantage resources of both sides, make readers not only can be in HaoLan group's official website ( to read "mission", also can be in Beijing BiXu net ( or "group show" plate BiXu network exclusive HaoLan group HaoLan personalized page ( online reading group "mission" series, expanded HaoLan group enterprise culture propaganda platform, carrier, window, make the mission hills series better play the role of propaganda, enlightenment, communication.


    BiXu net is Beijing BiXu culture relying mainly on enterprise group co., LTD., founded by enterprise excellent cultural achievements display, communication and transmission platform. BiXu network selection, included the farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, mining, manufacturing, and other 20 categories, 107 primary industry 219, 219 secondary industry and tertiary industry in 3000 large and medium-sized enterprises of the group, high quality and continuous updating.

Beijing BiXu net "group show" plate capture


Personalized page screenshots BiXu network exclusive HaoLan group