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       HaoLan industrial group was founded in December 2008, the registered capital of RMB 100.69 million yuan in henan province.It is a comprehensive industrial and commercial bureau registration record industry group company, mainly engaged in industrial investment and investment management, the company has assets of more than 5 billion yuan. The company existing staff of more than 2600 people, including 120 management personnel, senior management personnel 80, kind of professional and technical personnel more than 260 ……     

       Hao Lan Industrial Group, legal representative Mr. Ding Guojin, the MBA of Renmin University of China, has engaged in the military and local government in management,and has a wealth of business management experience, a unique vision of industrial investment;At the same time the group company management team have a high level of leadership, and the mature ability of market control.The group's cooperation consciousness and cohesion are strong .The large number of compound talents provide a great power for the development of the company.     

       Hao LAN industrial group is the industrial investment management company
which restructed from more than a dozen companies own by Mr. Ding Guojin.It has energy projects, ecological forestry, ecological agriculture development, hotel management, real estate project development, finance and investment management, etc. Among them: the Hongqiqu hotel takes the liaison functions of Anyang city people's government in the offices of zhengzhou;most real estate projects cooperated with government,with the joint construction, development, agent construction and other forms ,to access to government procurement or group purchase order; funds transfered complementary unified according to the internal change of seasons,to let energy, hotels, real estate, investment guarantees combine to make the company a strong competitive advantage in the industry.      

       Clear lines of the modern enterprise management system,sound legal structure,pragmatic and efficient operation mechanism,unity and cooperation of the staff team, long praised classic products are our unremitting pursuit.Smooth financing channels, adequate project resourcesare the fundamental guarantee of our rapid development and growth.     

       The company strictly follows the core values "people-oriented, honesty, harmony" .Adhering to the enterprise spirit and Philosophy" emphasis on practical results, improve management, improve quality, increase benefit " .Efforts based on the top 500 Chinese enterprises to become China's leading enterprise groups.

       At present, the company located in Anyang's Hao Lan Hongding property has been built, and is now open to booking;Pingdingshan International Ecological Park、Luoyang Xianglu Mountain Ecological Tourism Industrial Park、Anyang Haolan Dace Hotel and expansion project of Hongqiqu Hotel are all under construction.

       Facing a new historical opportunity,We will be the spirit of the 17th Party Congress as a guide,thoroughly implement the important thought of "Three Represents",consciously fulfill the corporate social responsibility,based on the Central Plains, and develop the central plains,to create a modern, international, ecological type, characteristic new central plains.