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       To create Chinese first-class enterprise,construct the industry, diversification and the largest group, based on the country to open up overseas.

       The corporate vision is a better vision of the future state of the enterprise,is the pursuit of the ideals and aspirations of the enterprise."To create Chinese first-class enterprise."Through the persistent efforts of the corporation, and gradually developed into a large-scale, good benefits, high brand awareness of the Chinese first-class group enterprise.And to create an industry, diversification, the largest group of atmosphere, based on the Chinese top 500 to open up overseas markets.

Industrial scale
       Focus on the characteristics of real estate, hotel, dining areas, to become the domestic hotel industry leader, based on China's top 500 enterprises, to become China's first-class enterprise group.

Corporate image
       With strong competitiveness, first-class customer satisfaction, become a feature of estate, diversified development, strength, scientific and effective management, sustainable development  of modern large enterprise groups.With mature, responsible oversize enterprise image to win the social identity recognition and become the subject of respected industry enterprise groups.


Team spirit

       Concentric    Create    Share

       Concentric:    HaoLan group company internal united closely, mutual help, all staff unite as one, work together and common development.

       Create:          HaoLan Group companies have a patriotic heart, motivated employees, one mind,striving to create the first-class enterprise.

       Share:           HaoLan Group staff adhere to the common pursuit of career success, enjoy the work and realize the value of life.


Business philosophy

       Emphasis on practical results    Improve the management    Improve the quality    Create the benefit.