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Talent concept
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Talent concept


       Good at identifying    Good atemploying    Good at educating    Good at managing

       We only mastered the talent of identifying talent, so that we can have the talents of appointing personnel.


       Good at identifying

       "All levels in the company have a common pursuit,to victory." is HaoLan incentive talents standards.people with pragmatic, practical, team spirit, can form resultant force and benefit to the devolopment of the enterprises is the talents who HaoLan needs.


       Good at employing

       Human capital development of the ultimate goal is to maximize employee's consciousness and initiative,to reflect the talent of the value of life,to better serve the business,but to achieve this objective,the "Good at identifying" is the premise,"Good at employing"is the key.

       First, emotional investment,is to persist in implementation-oriented,be honest,tell the truth and do real thing.As managers of enterprises, we should adhere to the emotional management, dare to enable a talent,consolidate and develop the enterprise personnel and maintain the personnel of fresh blood

       Secondly, to optimize the environment of the growth of talent.Should establish an open, fair,  just employment principles,give an objective evaluation of scientific and realistic attitude to the truth of talent, should earnestly implement the competition for work,execute " have the ability to appreciate, didn't have the ability to eliminate" flexible employment mechanism;also should strengthen the cultural construction, and create a good working and living environment, to give employees a maximum capacity arena, enabling them to find their own position, realize self value.

       Then combining to the performance, improve the management system for talent, mainly, to the maximum extent possible in the design of remuneration linked with the employee's contribution, to avoid the "iron rice bowl" and "one size fits all" phenomenon ,make use of reasonable compensation mechanism to mobilize employeesenthusiasm.


       Good at educating

       HaoLan Group believes that the development of talent is the driving force behind support for enterprise development,staff training is the best shortcuts of business success.

       Through the establishment of the learning organization, and gradually improve the employee's occupation career planning,to provide various forms of education and training opportunities for promotion, so that the employees can learn all kinds of knowledge, and constantly improve their own quality and competitiveness.


       Good at managing

       HaoLan advocates good at managing embodiment in addition to the good at identifying and employing, but also respect and love.