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Core values
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Core values


       People-oriented    Honesty    Harmony

       The core values are the HaoLan Group company's basic values and the core principles to guide the behavior of employee .



       "People-oriented" is the basic attitude of the people of Hao Lan Corporation.

       First of all, respect for human values​.The ideal of the staff and Hao Lan share the same objectives,so that each employee's personal value can be realized in HaoLan.

       Secondly, we must adhere to the principle of employing non-suspect,believe that human ability.Fully give training and incentives,so that employees can work more active, more executive power and creativity.

       Finally, be good at arousing people's potential ability.Timely for employees to carry out the teaching and training,let the staff's personal ability to be fully reflected and achieve better development in HaoLan.



       "Honesty" is the basic idea code of conduct of HaoLan group .

       HaoLan is loyal to the country.   

       Must have a high political sense of responsibility to follow the principle of national policy, active and reasonable tax, to support national construction.Promote social prosperity and stability and harmonious development of society.Firm establish and implement the scientific development concept, more development of green ecological project, in the promotion of national interests long-term and maximize, through the practical action to support public welfare undertakings, love and protect our ecological environment.

       HaoLan is loyal to the cause.

       "Use my best to serve the country and the people" is considered the essence of the cause of LanHao,and also the essence of loyalty. Loyal to the cause and loyal to the motherland should be equated ,not great,not vulgar, not empty nor ahead.

       HaoLan is integrity to the staff.

       HaoLan commits to provide staff with a good working environment and development space, so that employees can have sustainable development,fully develop their individual talents, and inspire individual potential.All staff who move forward together with HaoLan will get the full realization of personal value.Creativity, trust, respect and harmonious atmosphere,make employees feel the pleasure of working.From the aspects of allowing employees to share the success of the enterprise,improve the employees a sense of achievement and pride.

       HaoLan is integrity to the stakeholders

       HaoLan holds a win-win attitude, helps partners to obtain a reasonable level of operating income.Continue to create value through sound management and provides an ideal investment income for investors.



       HaoLan adhering to the attitude of harmony,and HaoLan's successful career also requires the harmony of inside and outside development environment.

       To maintain a friendly attitude, work adhere to the peace of mind, all things to and for the principles, and create a harmonious environment and atmosphere.

       Internally to establish scientific, perfect operation mechanism; fair and equitable, rights and responsibilities;emphasis on education and strict management;more thinking and be creative,to create a good corporate culture.

       External should have a sense of responsibility,honesty, and common development with the external environment.Business according to law and regulate the operation, to create a good corporate image.