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Group Logo Interpretation:



       The logo of Henan HaoLan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is consisted of the company name the first letter of the alphabet.Waves on the left and the shape"L" on the right common synthetic letter "H", it's easy to identify.From the overall modeling,the waves are lifted by the shape "L",looked very spectacular.It implies the company a solid foundation, ride the wind and waves,is the leader of the times.     

       From the pattern structure,the scattered wave of the curve and the shape"L" call corresponding,support each other to constitute a stable triangular composition,adding more calm to the graphics .

       The concept of color, the logo selected blue and dark blue two colors, more outstanding the concept of" Lan " ,make the logo has one more interpretation in the color.

       Overall,the logo symbolizes HaoLan people with enthusiastically,infinite wisdom,continued to struggle forward, bring forth the new through the old, and dare to be the leader of the times!


HaoLan Group standard colors:





Group slogan and logo combination: