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       Since its establishment,HaoLan Group has gone from a business of the catering  company into  a group enterprisenine which has nine subsidiaries .These remarkable achievements, can not be separated from all the HaoLan 's efforts and hard work, and the love and care that the government leaders of all levels of society and the friends from all walks of life have paid.

       From the early start toddling along the way, there have been falling, and many setbacks and tribulations;after a stumble and sway of the market economy and through the changing times and life of the well-being.HaoLan people are always cherishing the sincere love and persistent pursuit to HaoLan career, tirelessly and perseverance,step by step,so that achieved today's succes of HaoLan Group.

       However, today's brilliant does not mean that tomorrow will still so, HaoLan will have a long way to go in the future......

       Today, we stand at a new starting point, will face more challenges, but also have more opportunities waiting for us,this requires we HaoLan people to have a far-sighted wisdom and breadth of vision, to have more confidence and determination to make still further progress!To make a greater contribution to society,and to provide staff with more room and stage for the development.Through the persistent efforts of the Corporation,gradually developed into a large scale,good benefits,high brand awareness enterprise group company.

       Let us adhere to the spirit of enterprise“concentric, create, share”,in the vast sea to ride the wind and waves, to create a more beautiful tomorrow of Haolan.