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·Real Estate



       Henan HaoLan real estate Co., LTD 

       Located in the northern section of Huayuan Road,Zhengzhou City.Key development projects are HaoLan building,four star hotel,apartments and office buildings.Now,the residential and office project is located west of the Red Flag Canal Hotel are submitted for approval.


       Anyang HaoLan Industrial Co., Ltd.

       The company mainly to the development of five-star hotel,the current development are HaoLan Dace Hotle and the comprehensive project of five-star hotel (70,000 square meters)which cooperated whih the U.S Dace Hotel Management Group.The project is located in the Interchange of Wenfeng Avenue and Guangming Road,AnDong New District,covers an area of about 307 mu.The major development and construction are the villa reception area,conference centre,the main building of five-star hotels, office buildings and hotels supporting facilities.


       Anyang HaoLan real estate Co., LTD

       Mainly to real estate development, the registered capital of 60 million.the current development are 350,000 square meters of commercial housing and urban village reconstruction project in Anyang.


       Henan HaoLan eco-industrial development Co., Ltd

       Development projects is the Pingdingshan International Eco-Industrial Park.Mainly for the development of ecological industry chain,including the development of barren hills,afforestation,ecological agriculture,ecological farming,growing R & D center,mountain sports stadiums, garden-style ecological Hotel, resort etc.The prospect and ecological benefits of the project are very significant.


·Energy Industry



       Henan united wisdom coal supply and marketing Co., LTD

       Mainly engaged in coal sales,In addition to sales of the company produced coal mine, run the bulk of coal trade for Guangdong power and the local power plants as the supply of coal。

       Owned coal mine:Ruzhou JingBao coal mine、Pingdingshan JinFeng coal mine 、Lushan LaoLin Iron


·Tourism and Hotel Industry



       Henan Hongqiqu Group Hotel Management Co., LTD

       Located in the intersection of Huayuan Road and Beihuan Road,Zhengzhou City.Invested in the construction of four-star standard,set meals, rooms, entertainment, shopping, meeting as one of the luxury business hotel.After the completion of the Phase II expansion,Tt will be a landmark hotel in North Zhengzhou. 


       Henan HaoLan Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd

       The project is located in Longan District,Anyang City.Reaching out to the Government of the Longquan town as the center, with total investment of 3 billion yuan, wWith a total size of about 8000 mu.

       Project adopts the overall planning,step-by-step implementation,with 2 -5 years time,and gradually built a comprehensive park.

       This project set garden-style five-star hotels, high-end business club, tourist resort, spa and leisure, golf and mountain sports fitness, ecological planting and breeding, modern agriculture demonstration, floral development, exhibition of folk culture, farm rural life picking experience, members private resort and  Liu Shan and other historical figures, scenes of life to reproduce content with one.The project will be built in Anyang to create a new taste city with comprehensive, three-dimensional and high-grade.

       Owned Hotel:Hongqiqu Hotel、HaoLan Days Hotel