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■On September 26, 2009

       HaoLan group was invited to participate in the 2009 overseas Chinese Central Plains Economic Cooperation forum.


■On September 30, 2009

       "HaoLan Days Hotel" project groundbreaking ceremony was held ceremoniously in Anyang new area.


■On December 10, 2009

       " Pingdingshan International Ecological Industry Park" project signing ceremony was held.


■On May 19, 2010

       " Pingdingshan international ecological industrial park concept plan" the expert argumentation was held, then took a full study for the Pingdingshan International Ecological Industrial Park project conceptual planning, made planning more scientific and reasonable.


■On June 12, 2010

       Hao Lan group was invited to participate in the 2010 China ( Zhengzhou) World Tourism City Market Forum, then signed the"Pingdingshan International Ecological Industry Park" tourism project agreement with Pingdingshan municipal government representatives in the meeting.


■On August 18, 2010

       The signing ceremony of Henan HaoLan group and the America Days Hotel Management Group was held ceremoniously at Anyang city hall conference center.


■On August 26, 2010

       Henan HaoLan group and the Longan district government of Anyang city district signed the" Anyang international tourism eco industrial park development and construction of framework agreement".


■On April 13, 2011

       The 29th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival foreign economic and technical cooperation projects - the signing ceremony,grand opening in Luoyang City.Lan group with Luoyang Xianglu mountain ecological industrial park project attended this grand meeting, and successfully signed.


■On June 1, 2011

       Hao Lan Group went to Tangyin county, Fudao township, Sima village to take an aid donation, donated 200,000 yuan to the village, mainly for the construction of supporting facilities of the village life.