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Ding Guojin



Tough tempered    Colorful youth


       Ding Guojin  was born in 1969 in the Pingdingshan Yexian an ordinary peasant family, parents' hard working shaped Ding Guojin the leader character of the hard struggling and hard-working tough,the reserved and assertive personality  destined his extraordinary way of life. At the age of 17,he went to Xinjiang and joined an army,then living in the border more than ten years. Jagged tour,a strong man, righteousness and courage cast a towering Great Wall, sheltered tranquility of our country. The tough style of daring to think, daring to do,daring to be a pioneer and the character of rigorous,bold,vigorous and resolute created him the general demeanor of optimistic to the changing business and unmoved either by gain or loss. Because that army streamlining and reorganization in 1995, Ding Guojin returned to Henan province Pingdingshan city to work,years of career in the government,had laid a solid foundation for the later development.


Fighting to the commercial sea    The waves hit the sky


       Lofty ambition, aiming at the sky. 2002 opened Ding Guojin a new chapter into the challenges of life. He left the stable institutions to join the commercial sea, struggling hard in the business by his wisdom and perseverance, then miracles.In 2003, he founded the Tofu Wang restaurant, which set off a tofu feast boom with a lightning speed, then received a hot pet by local consumer and remarkable achievements.

       The success of the catering firm Ding Guojin the determination of fighting to the commercial sea. In 2005 he founded the Henan United Intelligence coal supply and marketing company,mainly engaged in coal sales,in addition to sales of the company produced coal mine, run the bulk of coal trade as the supply for Guangdong power and the local coal for power,and achieved annual sales of 150 million yuan a good achievement. The subsequent development of the the Pingdingshan Baofeng Qianying coal, the Pingdingshan Jinfeng coal, ,the annual output of 300,000 tons of the raw coal. Then gained the Laolin iron 4.5 square kilometers mining right and the Lao Longwan iron 3.6 square kilometers mining right, mining right obtained was more be a tiger with wings added.With a good location, high iron content, sales channels, rapidly popular in the market.

       The era of rapid development, the business economic changes rapidly. Ding Guojin once again interpreted the abnormal surge high and sweep forward business legend. created the Hong Qiqu Hotel in 2006, according to the four star frontal standard to invest in the construction, set catering, entertainment, shopping, conference rooms, as one of the luxury business hotel,and assume Anyang municipal government offices in Zheng reception functions. In order to be able to manage the company more scientific, in 2006, Ding Guojin went to Beijing to study and then entered the Chinese People's University graduate student. Back to Henan in 2008, cultivating the local community, forge ahead, invincible.Then spent a lot beachhead in 2008 in Zhengzhou, the establishment of the Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd. of Henan, Hao Lan, business-oriented prospects for the development of SMEs to provide credit guarantees and other financial services.         

       The multi-year commercial sea career, created Ding Guojin the open-minded tolerance, the handwriting of the master, the thinking of leaders.In the development of a diversified today, he had high aspirations and vision. In December 2008,Ding Guojin carried out the reorganization of assets on the company, then set up Henan HaoLan Industrial Group Co., Ltd., registered capital of 100.69 million yuan, mainly engaged in business investment and investment management, and its nine subsidiaries, covering trade, energy, hotels, real estate, etc. industry, forming a powerful HaoLan aircraft carrier group.The Group has invested 700 million yuan on the development and construction of the HaoLan Dacs Hotel , invested 3 billion yuan to build the Pingdingshan International Eco-industrial Park projects. Standardization of the operation,promoted the sound development of local economy, which had a far-reaching social significance.


Social commitment    Service the community


       Ding Guojin,with heartfelt love and pursuit of the cause, tireless, step by step, then created today's HaoLan Group. Adhering to the Central Plains's thick and simple, He always forget to repay the society ,helping colleagues, contributing to the home crowd: Pingdingshan millennium barren hills transformed into the Pingdingshan International Eco-industrial Park project, from afforestation and improving the ecological environment,to create hometown a beautiful garden. Ding Guojin always assured that his hometown elders'well-being , inspired by all colleagues with his experience and actions, responsed to the government's call of donation and teaching assistant positively, donated enthusiastically while the earthquake, all demonstrated an entrepreneur the breadth of mind and a strong sense of social mission.

       Strong feelings of home lead Ding Guojin struggling forward, a strong sense of social mission inspired him feedback the world!

       In the future,Ding Guojin would make the leadership at all levels of government, all the friends of the concern and care for the infinite power, vigorously carry out the charity to feedback folks.